Ford Postwar Flatheads

Book review: Ford Postward Flatheads cover

Ford Postwar Flatheads: 1946-1953 Photo Archive by James H. Moloney is another wonderful collection of public relations and advertising photos from the Ford archive. All black and white, most with descriptions and details. If you have interest in Ford cars from the late 1940s into the early 50s, this is a great collection.

Harvesting Ice in New England [DVD]

DVD Review: Ice-Harvesting cover

Before refrigeration and commercial ice production, ice was cut from lakes and ponds and stored for the summer delivery. In this 66-minute video, we go back in time to the days of ice harvesting. Harvesting Ice in New England is narrated by New England historian, Dennis Picard.

The Age of Genius

The Age of Genius: The Seventeenth Century & the Birth of the Modern Mind isn’t a philosophy book. This is a book proving that the 17th century was in fact a turning point in humanity relinquishing much of the ancient world for the beginnings of a “modern” point of view. A.C. Grayling is a professor of Philosophy and Master of the New College of Humanities in London who believes that philosophy needs to be integrated into everyday life.

Back Over There

Book review: Back-Over-There

WWI was the first time machines were truly employed in the service of the men doing the fighting. It was also a turning point in the way medicine was used during wartime. It even changed the way we mapped the battleground. Author Richard Rubin takes all of this and runs with it. One could argue that World War I, more so than the Great War, was “the war to end all wars.” It was also the beginning of a modern mindset applied to one of the things humans seem to do pretty well. (That would be to make war.)

Working the Land

DVD review: Working-the-Land-DVD cover

In this 65-minute DVD, originally shot on b&w 16mm, we get a full scope of what working at the lumber camps in northern New England looked like, and much more from this film knowledgeably narrated by C. A. Hamilton. It is hard to believe it was less than hundred years ago that pulp wood and lumber were (in some places) still being pulled out of the Maine woods with teams of horses and brought to the riverside or laid out on a frozen pond for the spring log drive.

The Long Run: A 12-year Restoration

Gobert LongRun 1.jpg

By Larry Gorbet. N-News Winter 2018. Vol. 33 No. 1

Tractors were part of the fabric of the community in Lonoke, Arkansas, a small farming community of about 4,200 people. A friend told me about a 901 fifteen years ago – a propane model. And nothing was easy on this restoration which took place over twelve years. Continue reading

Two Sides of the Same Tractor

N-News Autumn 2017. Vol. 32 No. 4

Unless there is a son or daughter who is interested in your tractor, there comes a time when you need to send it on to the next owner. In one story, a son who lives 2000 miles away has to decide what to do with his father’s tractor. The other story picks up the first left off: an 8N ready for a new life with a new family. Continue reading

How I Got Into Old Ford Tractors

Ralph Brown's 8N post-restoration

By Ralph Brown. N-News Autumn 2017 Vol. 32 No. 4

My interest in the Ford 8N began many years ago in the days before I had a driver’s license. When I began considering taking on the challenge of restoring one, my memories of the Ford 8N I drove as a teenager were vivid and influenced my decision. There was no need for me to travel across the country to find one. I found mine within 45 miles of home. Continue reading

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things Amazon has Alexa, Apple has Siri, Google has Google Digital Assistance, Microsoft has Cortana and Samsung has Bixby. Why do I care? I don’t really. Don’t get me wrong – I have been a technology enthusiast since the 1980s. I love being able to stream a movie or order some esoteric book or tool that I can’t find at my local store. (I still go to the local store as often as possible for fear the local store might not be there some day soon.) And for communicating with my kids, my parents, my friends and the N-News readership, technology offers quick ways to interact. The N-News office has multiple computers in it and I couldn’t … Continue reading



1951 8N, total ground up restoration. No expense spared with 25 accessories! Everything from the tire pump to the swivel worklight to a Ford grease gun. Amazing; $12,500obo. Mike 618-920-7969 (IL)



Dearborn 10–80 disc plow, new paint decals. ID tag. Also Dearborn 10-14 two-way plow paint, decals, ID tag, orig. plow wrench w/8N tractor will not separate; $5600. Gary 269-506-6936. (MI)



1939 9N s/n 9N8142 owned by Palmer Fossum and then Dwight Emstrom. Very orig., smooth axles, small gen., 32″ whls, 2-bottom plow, more. Asking $10,000 obo. Mike 618-920-7969 (IL)