How to Restore Ford Tractors

Back in stock! How to Restore Ford Tractors: The Ultimate Guide to Rebuilding and Restoring N-Series and Later Tractors 1939-1962 does an excellent job of hashing out the details of restoring a vintage Ford tractor. Published in 2008 with over 200 pages, this soft cover edition includes wonderful pictures of unusual models and options scattered throughout the pages (as are many photos of hands-on, down and dirty restoration work being done). Though the book emphasizes the N-series machines, overhead valve Hundred Series machines are covered as well.Dealing with the engines, bad brakes, electrical systems, rusted body parts, paint and hydraulics are just a few of the topics covered. There is also a wonderful appendix for parts sourcing that tractor restoration enthusiasts will certainly appreciate.

The N-News carried this book for years, but 4-5 years ago, Motorbooks said it was out of stock and they were not going to reprint it. Then we were informed that the book was available again as a short run and we sold out. Now it is back again in a reprint edition (not quite as nice as the original) but we are happy to have it again. If you don’t have this one on your shelf, don’t wait to order as this is another short run. Get it now for $29.95 plus shipping and handling. Well worth it!

Ford Fire Trucks

Ford Fire Trucks by Kent Parrish is a wide ranging collection with tremendous captioned info with each photo. And there are a lot of photos, over 400, most in color but some in black and white. Ranging from 1917 Model T’s that were custom built into fire engines all the way to 2009, the book is broken up into ten chapters, roughly one for each decade. Continue reading

The Age of Genius

The Age of Genius: The Seventeenth Century & the Birth of the Modern Mind isn’t a philosophy book. This is a book proving that the 17th century was in fact a turning point in humanity relinquishing much of the ancient world for the beginnings of a “modern” point of view. A.C. Grayling is a professor of Philosophy and Master of the New College of Humanities in London who believes that philosophy needs to be integrated into everyday life.

Back Over There

Book review: Back-Over-There

WWI was the first time machines were truly employed in the service of the men doing the fighting. It was also a turning point in the way medicine was used during wartime. It even changed the way we mapped the battleground. Author Richard Rubin takes all of this and runs with it. One could argue that World War I, more so than the Great War, was “the war to end all wars.” It was also the beginning of a modern mindset applied to one of the things humans seem to do pretty well. (That would be to make war.)

Ford Heavy-Duty Trucks 1948-1998


Ford Heavy-Duty Trucks 1948-1998 by Paul G. McLaughln is a sister book to the Ford Medium Duty Trucks (reviewed in the Autumn issue). Similar in size and scope, this book focuses on the 2½ and 3 ton F-7 and F-8.

Ford Medium Duty Trucks 1917-1998 Photo History

Ford Medium Duty Trucks

An especially well organized overview of Ford medium-duty trucks of the 20th century. It’s all about the larger trucks like the F5, F-500, 600 and heavier trucks from tankers to school buses. $29.95. An especially well organized overview of Ford medium-duty trucks of the 20th century by Paul G. McLaughlin. The author is a knowledgeable enthusiast. Though the photos are black and white, there are a lot of them throughout this 120 page softcover.

American Georgics: Writings on Farming, Culture and the Land

American Geogics

Agriculture has been a touchstone of security and growth for humanity since we gave up our hunting and gathering ways. This book is a chronology of writings on agriculture, which detail the history of how we as Americans have embraced, rebuffed and re-embraced the ideas (and ideals) of agriculture and the agrarian lifestyle. $14.95.

A Guide To Ford, Fordson & New Holland Tractors

A Guide to Ford Fordson book cover

As a reference guide this book is brief and to the point, listing the most salient information formatted chronologically. In this respect it functions as a very convenient field guide. The no–nonsense black and white archive photos, taken mostly from promotional literature, present the oldest, most familiar images of each tractor in its moment of inception. Just $16.