Ford Fire Trucks

Ford Fire Trucks by Kent Parrish is a wide ranging collection with tremendous captioned info with each photo. And there are a lot of photos, over 400, most in color but some in black and white.Book review Ford Fire Trucks coverRanging from 1917 Model T’s that were custom built into fire engines all the way to 2009, the book is broken up into ten chapters, roughly one for each decade. I had no idea there were so many companies taking the medium and heavy duty trucks (including COE and C series) and custom building cabs and equipment for fire fighting.

If you purchased the Ford Medium Duty or Ford Heavy Duty Trucks books, then Ford Fire Trucks is a great companion. Over 140 pages, $34.95 plus s&h.

Classic Farm Tractors

Book review: Classic farm tractors cover

Classic Farm Tractors: The History of the Farm Tractor is an exceptionally well done reprint under the Crestline name which specializes in picking up books that have gone out of print.

The Age of Genius

The Age of Genius: The Seventeenth Century & the Birth of the Modern Mind isn’t a philosophy book. This is a book proving that the 17th century was in fact a turning point in humanity relinquishing much of the ancient world for the beginnings of a “modern” point of view.

Building Country Comforts

In a world that seems full of “fake news,” Tweets and distractions that have no substance in our current state of affairs, there can be much joy in reading about simple living, written in a straightforward style with wonderful cartoon illustrations.

Back Over There

Book review: Back-Over-There

WWI was the first time machines were truly employed in the service of the men doing the fighting. It was also a turning point in the way medicine was used during wartime. It even changed the way we mapped the battleground. Author Richard Rubin takes all of this and runs with it.

Build It! DIY Projects for Farmers

Build It! DIY Projects for Farmers, Smallholders and Gardeners cover.

Joe Jacobs is obviously a do-it-yourself kinda guy. His solutions to gates, animal feeders, livestock haulers and chicken coops are all what you would expect. What is a little less expected is his very straightforward attitude towards tools and materials.

American Trucks of the 1950s

Here is a wonderful little book that visually focuses on the trucks of North America (including Canada) from the 1950s. What is especially nice here is the focus on larger trucks, commercial trucks and industrial trucks. $29.95.

Field Guide to Classic Farm Tractors

Field guide to classic tractors (book review)

I don’t think anyone has written more books about classic farm tractors than Bob Pripps. And that is probably a good thing when it comes to a field guidebook. And, this is a GOOD one. Over 200 pages, softcover, color photos throughout. New from the N-News; $24.99.

American Georgics: Writings on Farming, Culture and the Land

American Geogics

Agriculture has been a touchstone of security and growth for humanity since we gave up our hunting and gathering ways. This book is a chronology of writings on agriculture, which detail the history of how we as Americans have embraced, rebuffed and re-embraced the ideas (and ideals) of agriculture and the agrarian lifestyle. $14.95.

Wisdom of the Last Farmer

Wisdom of the Last Farmer

David Mas Masumoto has authored a wonderfully touching story of a Japanese-American family in the central valley of California. Prior to farming, along with other West Coast Japanese-American families, the Masumoto family was relocated to the Arizona internment camps in the early 1940s. They endured many hardships, but eventually were able to return to California and small farming. $9.85.

Why Did the Chicken Cross the World?

Why Did The Chicken Cross the World?

Subtitled, ‘The Epic Saga of the Bird that Powers Civilization, Andrew Lawler’s has encapsulated the history of humanity through our involvement with chickens! Starting with the earliest known ancestor of the domestic chicken, the red jungle fowl, Lawler shows how the human appetite for chicken continues to grow. $11.95.