The Complete Book of Classic Ford Tractors

It has literally been years since we have seen a new Ford tractor book be published. The far majority of them have been out of print. Motorbooks International (owned by Quarto) has held the rights to the books that Robert Pripps and Andrew Morland did together in the 1990s. The N-News has written many a letter over the years asking for some of the Pripps Ford tractor books to be reprinted, or to let the rights fall back to the authors so something could be done. Well, something finally has happened.

Classic ford tractorsBob Pripps alerted me in late 2020 that something was in the works. Quarto has combined three of the earlier Pripps/Moreland books, The Big Book of Ford Tractors, The Illustrated Ford and Fordson Buyer’s Guide and, The Complete Book of Ford Tractors into one bigger book.
Here is what the publicity info says, “In this comprehensive addition to Motorbooks’ Complete Book Series, tractor historian Robert Pripps provides a detailed and complete account of Ford tractors, from the earliest Fordsons to the Ford-Fergusons, the Ford N Series, and the Ford “World” tractors manufactured into the 1970s. Amply illustrated, Classic ford tractors also offers extensive information on the numerous options and accessories, implements and variations that came out of Dearborn, Sherman Bros., and the great Funk Bros. hot rod conversions that could make each of these popular machines utterly unique. In between, the book traces year-to-year model changes within each series.” Hardcover, 9.25×10.875” and contain 192 pages. At $45 plus $6.25 shipping it is a little pricey, but if you had purchased the three books (20+ years ago) you would have spent about the same.