Rouge Pictured in its Prime

Rouge Pictured in its Prime by Ford Bryan is a large, hard cover, 285-page book is probably the most well researched document of the Rouge Plant. This seminal book was out of stock for a short while, now back on the shelf…and it should be on your shelf too!

Conceived as a massive group of buildings where raw matter entered on one end and finished products came out the other, the Rouge was, in its day, cutting edge industrial design and implementation.

Bryan, who in 1935, worked briefly at the Rouge steel mill and was later employed by Ford Motor Company from 1941 to 1974 in several different capacities, has a unique inside perspective of the facility.

With hundreds of black and white photographs of everything from the glass plant, to the coke oven and the commissaries to the hospital, Bryan spent countless hours at the Benson Ford Research Center combing through thousands of images.

No doubt you need to add this book to your library of Ford history. From the N-News, $29.95 plus $4 shipping & handling.