Common Implements Used With Ford Tractors from 1939

Simply the best (only?) compendium of commonly used implements for the N-series (and into the mid 1950s). This is literally a collection of Operators & Owners manuals that would have come with that particular implement. An invaluable asset for the Ford tractor collector OR the person who is still working a plot of land. $40 plus $6.25 S&H.

After dreaming of a book that would encompass the most common Ford implements, one has finally arrived. If you could imagine a pile of Assembly and Operating literature stacked over two inches tall, you would have a good idea of what this book is created from, because that is exactly what it is.

This compendium of over 50 attachments covers many of the most common tools available for the earlier Ford tractors. Here is a list of all the Assembly and Operating instructions in this publication:

Moldboard Plow
Economy Plow
Middlebuster Plow
Lift Type 2-Way Plow
Lift type Disc Plow

Tandem Disc harrow series B & E
Bush & Bog Harrow 11-34, -36
Spring Tooth Harrow 11-10, -11
Spring Tooth Harrow 11-25, -26,-28,-29
Towner Offset Disc Harrow 11-16,17,18, 11-37, -38

Lift Type Kelly Planter 12-9,10,11,12
Lift Type Kelly Planter 12-31,32,33,34
Lift Type Lister Planter 12-24,12-25
Grain Drill 12-39,40
Fertilizer Grain Drill 12-42

Lift Type Rotary Hoe 13-10
Lift Type Four Row Weeder
Lift Type Rigid Shank Front End
Lift Type Rigid Shank Cultivator 13-1
Lift Type Rigid Shank Cultivator
Lift Type Spring Shank Cultivator 13-2,2A
Lift Type Spring Shank Cultivator
Lift Type Rigid and Spring Shank Front
End Cultivator Attachments
Lift Type Field Cultivator

Rear Attached Mowers
Side Mounted Mowers 14-3,4
Rotary Cutter 22-47
Rotary Cutter 22-60
84” Rotary Cutter 22-47
Sweep Rake
Lift Type Sweep Rake 14-21

Standard Wagon 21-2
Lift Type Cordwood Saw
Lift Type Cordwood Saw 22-44
Danuser Post Hole Digger
Lift Type Danuser Post Hole Digger 22-11
Lift Type Rear Scoop
Lift Type Rear Utility Blade 19-5
Lift Type All Purpose Blade 19-16
“V” Plow
Blade snow Plow
Angle Dozer
Lift Type Rear Utility Blade

Roto Flail L-16-21
Heavy Duty Manure Loader 19-8,8A
Dearborn Loaders 19-21,22,23
Ford Loaders 19-60, 19-81
Ford Step-Up and Step Down Reversing
Swinging Drawbar for 8N
Dearborn Manure Spreader 20-7, 20-7A
Dearborn HD Side Delivery Rake14-42
Dearborn Side Delivery Rake 14-20
Dearborn Hay Baler 14-49
Dearborn Forage harvester 14-43,44
Dearborn-Woods corn Picker 16-4
Beyond the practical aspects of this compilation, there is an historical perspective that makes this book a must-have for the Ford tractor aficionado. It is hard to believe there were so many implements available for these tractors. (We have over 600 implements in the Master Archive List at the N-News!) It is perhaps this exact reason that these tractors have become so popular and useful, even today! This book is available from the N-News magazine for $40. Your purchase helps to support the N-News magazine.