A Piece of History Slips Away: Harold Brock Remembered

Portrait of Harold Brock

By Robert Pripps. N-News

Harold Brock, Ford tractor icon, passed away January 2, 2011 at the age of 96 years. Harold was the engineer in charge of the design for the famous N-Series Ford tractors. Rob visited Harold Brock at his home in Waterloo, Iowa, where he sat down with Dr. Brock and led him to recall his time at Ford Motor Company and of his early life. Continue reading

Simple Tips and Tricks to Keep your N-Series Tractor Running

Tractor part: the governor

By Bruce Haynes with Chris Britton These tips evolved from a series of notes I had scribbled in my tractor manuals, shortly after I bought my first 8N in 1999. I compiled 50 of these tips in 2006 and they were published in the N News. During the past six years, I’ve added 25 more and edited and revised a number of the original 50 tips. While I gleaned many of these tips from first-hand experience, I owe a great debt to many other N owners for sharing their wisdom with me over the years. Read on for the first 38 of my 75 simple tips and tricks!

Collecting Seems to Be in Our Blood!

Bob May getting ready to load up the 8N

By N-News.

Collecting sure seems to be in Robert May’s blood! After all, it is hard to be interested in old tractors without eventually acquiring at least one piece of iron. Once bitten, the disease often leads to a chronic condition, and before you know it, the barn is full. Robert Mays started collecting tractors fifteen years ago, but his passion for tractors began long before that. Continue reading