The Vagabonds

A truly entertaining, well researched account of the early twentieth century friendship between Ford and Edison and the open road.

Two men who created something new where little more than an idea existed previously, take to the road for two week camping trips long before the open road was ready for them. Guinn chronicles their story starting in the nineteen-teens when both are well established characters in the public eye. Both were always on the lookout for the next new thing, and both knew how to manipulate a story to their advantage.

Into this mix add John Burroughs (the naturalist followed in the footsteps of Walt Whitman) and Harvey Firestone (tire magnate) and you quickly discover a fascinating story.

Their “camping trips” were hardly roughing it, but they did explore roadside America before roads were really ready, exploring parts of the country that were less traveled. It is an interesting peek into early 20th century American culture.

Originally $28, now as a remainder, this softcover is only $13.55 plus $2.75 S&H.