Tractor Wars

Tractor Wars: John Deere, Henry Ford, International Harvester and the Birth of Modern Agriculture documents the short period from roughly 1908-1928 when Henry Ford, Cyrus McCormick and William Butterworth (of the still relatively small Deere & Company) would transform how farming was done. This was a paradigm shift in agriculture and farming practice. It is a fascinating story told with great historical perspective.

Tractor WarsNeil Dahlstrom contacted the N-News in early September. He recently finished a new book and sent a reader-review copy. This book is NOT yet available, though it is possible to pre-purchase it on Amazon for shipment in January. Well written and insightful, I think every N-News reader who is interested in the history of agricultural invention will need to have this on their bookshelf. Black and white, hard cover, about 250 pages, truly enjoyable. $25 plus shipping.