A Kentucky Album: FSA Photographs 1935-1943

The Farm Security Administration (FSA) was part of the New Deal Agency, created in 1937 to help fight rural poverty during the Great Depression. Between 1935-1944, FSA photographers took over 175,000 black and white photographs all over rural America. Many of the most iconic images of what this country looked like as it worked its way out of the Great Depression came through this government agency.

Kentucky albumWalker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Russell Lee, Jack Delano and a handful of others helped to create a vital link to the era. Editors Beverly Brannan and David Horvath combed through thousands of FSA photographs from Kentucky and put together this wonderful collection of 100+ black and white images, including any notes the original photographer assigned to the image. Coal miners and cars, general stores and tobacco barns, signs, churches, baptisms and much more. In all, an amazing look back eighty plus years to what rural Kentucky looked and felt like. Originally selling for $33, now as a remainder, only $20 plus shipping.