1897 Sears Roebuck & Co Catalog

Before Amazon sold us everything under the sun, there was Sears Roebuck. Started in 1892 as a mail order only company, stores opened up in 1925, but the majority of Sears business remained mail order for a good part of the 20th century. As a kid I remember getting the Sears catalogs in the mail and would spend hours pouring through them. Looking at these vintage catalogs is a window back in time.

SearsAs expected, there are no automobile related items, but there are so many items that give a sense of what the turn of the last century felt like. Horses still ruled the road, and there are pages of horse related items. Photography had become a big hobby and that is reflected here. Bicycles to buttons, chairs to cold chisels. More hand tools than you could possibly imagine, to guns and instruments. Wonderfully entertaining. Over 700 pages. Normally $25, but now as a remainder, only $15 plus shipping.