Back Over There

WWI was the first time machines were truly employed in the service of the men doing the fighting. It was also a turning point in the way medicine was used during wartime. It even changed the way we mapped the battleground. Author Richard Rubin takes all of this and runs with it. One could argue that World War I, more so than the Great War, was “the war to end all wars.” It was also the beginning of a modern mindset applied to one of the things humans seem to do pretty well. (That would be to make war.)Book review: Back-Over-ThereRubin is an amazing time-traveler and in this extremely readable and entertaining book, he takes us back to the French countryside and connects the present with the past. Part history lesson, part scavenger hunt, it describes the deep connection between the US troops and the French people and landscape. Hardcover, 300 pages, b&w photos throughout, this will help you get through the winter and provide you a different view of World War I.

Originally $27.99, now as a remainder book through the N-News Magazine, only $16.55.