WANTED: ISO (wanting to locate) 1939 9N, had a belly mount sickle. Sold at auction Harleysville, PA Spring of 1969 by Sanford Alderfer Auction. Steve 215-256-6239 (PA)

1954 NAA

Wayne Musser's NAA 1954

By Wayne Musser. Published in the Summer N-News issue, July-August-September 2016 Volume 31 Number 3 Like many N-News readers, I spent my youth on tractors. Much of that time was spent on my grandfather’s farm in central Pennsylvania. My grandfather started farming with horses, and then he progressed to a Farmall F-14 tractor, then to a Ford 8N. He was so impressed with the 8N, he purchased a second one. After a few years of farming with the Ns, he traded one for a used 1954 NAA. The two year old NAA showed an improvement over the 8N with more horsepower and a Sherman Over/Under transmission that provided twelve forward speeds and three reverse speeds. It was also equipped with … Continue reading