Coming of Age With an 8N

Cornell Knutson in the field

My first memory of our tractors was from 1951, when I was about four years old. I was in the kitchen of our north Iowa farm home, watching out the window as a truck delivered a new tractor to our yard. It was the second 8N for our farm and the last tractor my dad would buy. Mom recalled that there had been a tractor on the farm when they were married in 1942. From her description, it must have been a 9N. Continue reading

Collecting Seems to Be in Our Blood!

Bob May getting ready to load up the 8N

Collecting sure seems to be in Robert May’s blood! After all, it is hard to be interested in old tractors without eventually acquiring at least one piece of iron. Once bitten, the disease often leads to a chronic condition, and before you know it, the barn is full. Of course, collecting tractors is pretty benign compared to some other obsessions. Motorcycles, gambling and fast women are all much more likely to end in tragedy (or at least divorce court). So, in the big picture, an old iron hobby isn’t all that bad.