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Model T Innovation Lies Behind the 9N

Without the fame (and fortune) generated by Henry Ford’s model T, he never would have been able to focus his energy (and resources) on an update of the old Fordson farm tractor. That led ultimately to development of the 9N in 1939… and the rest is history. Enjoy this video!

Common Implements Used With Ford Tractors from 1939

Common Implements book cover

Simply the best (only?) compendium of commonly used implements for the N-series (and into the mid 1950s). This is literally a collection of Operators & Owners manuals that would have come with that particular implement. An invaluable asset for the Ford tractor collector OR the person who is still working a plot of land. $37.

Building a Shed: Expert Advice from Start to Finish

Building a shed book cover

In the late 1970s, a magazine called Fine Woodworking hit the newsstands and this publication changed the way I thought about magazines. Fine Woodworking took a hands-on approach to the subject, giving clear instructions without being either condescending or overly simplistic. Soon Taunton began publishing books that had the same look and feel as the earlier magazines, but with greater depth of knowledge on a subject. Building a Shed is that kind of book. $9.95.

In The Blood DVD

In The Blood DVD cover

Film director Sumner McKane weaves together a fascinating story of the history of logging in Maine. Using vintage footage and images, McKane offers a short history lesson of the northernmost New England logger and river man in In The Blood: Uncovering the Life, Skills & Character of the Turn of the Century Maine Lumbermen and River Drivers. $19.95.

Harold Brock DVD

Harold Brock DVD cover

In June of 2009 I traveled to Iowa to interview Harold Brock, chief designer of the 9N tractor project. It was a little overwhelming to sit down and talk with a man who worked intimately with Henry Ford, Edsel Ford, Henry Ford II, had met Thomas Edison, Harry Ferguson and many other legends of modern invention and industry. The idea of having a tunnel back in time to talk to someone who was there, was an intriguing project to tackle. $26.95.

A Guide To Ford, Fordson & New Holland Tractors

A Guide to Ford Fordson book cover

As a reference guide this book is brief and to the point, listing the most salient information formatted chronologically. In this respect it functions as a very convenient field guide. The no–nonsense black and white archive photos, taken mostly from promotional literature, present the oldest, most familiar images of each tractor in its moment of inception. Just $16.

Rouge: Pictured in its Prime 1917-1940

Rouge Pictured in its Prime book cover

The River Rouge plant in Dearborn, Michigan was the largest and most well-integrated machinery and manufacturing complex in the world. Taking up 1300 acres of land, 20 plus miles of roadway, and employing upwards of 100,000 people, The Rouge wasn’t just a factory, it was a city. Within this 285 page hardcover, longtime author and researcher Ford R. Bryan collects nearly 400 black and white photos of Rouge: Pictured in its Prime 1917-1940 from the Henry Ford Archives. $35.00.

Vintage Industrial: Living with Machine Age Design

Vintage Industrial: Living with Machine Age Design book cover

The machine age (arguably 1875-1950) in the United States and Europe yielded some of the most elegant industrial design. As proof of its popularity, there are catalogs today that specialize in reproductions of these designs. Rizzoli recently published the hardcover Vintage Industrial: Living with Machine Age Design, by by Mischa De Potestad & Patrice Pascal, which does a wonderful job of looking at turn of the century industrial design and putting it in context. $45.00 new.

I Invented the Modern Age: The Rise of Henry Ford

I Invented the Modern Age

As I was reading I Invented the Modern Age: The Rise of Henry Ford 1917-1940, by Richard Snow, to prepare a review, my wife asked, “How many books about Henry Ford have you read?” “Well,” I answered, “more than most people, I guess.” Of all I have read, this 300 page hard cover has to be one of my favorites. $17.00.